Matt MacDonaldBecome a Software Engineer at a Boston company with nice people and flexible hours.

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What is the company?

At PRX you will find talented, passionate, and thoughtful people who create products that bring millions of listeners to shows created by public radio and podcast producers. We also work with top-tier shows like This American Life, The Moth, and 99% Invisible.

We’ve been around for 10 years, yet still have the entrepreneurial energy and opportunities of a much younger company. We genuinely care about a healthy work-life balance (we feel gross using buzzwords, but 40 hour weeks and flexible hours really are the norm around here).

What is the Software Engineer job?

We are looking for an enthusiastic and creative software engineer with a passion for building robust, scalable applications with simple interfaces. You’ll have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and find your strengths across different technologies. We’re a small organization, so within a few weeks you’ll be expected take the lead and focus on a few projects while being comfortable with having an active support role for many of the other products we work on.

You’ll work closely with our other engineers, product managers, and employees on all phases of the development cycle including planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We don’t follow Agile with a capital “A”, but work on hitting the sweet spot, which means you’ll contribute to production code within a few days.

What do we build?

If you checkout our public GitHub repositories you’ll get a sense of the projects, team members, technologies and how we work: Our core marketplace product http://www.prx.orgis being upgraded to Angular.js and Rails 4 as an open source project. You can also see the iOS and Android apps we created and support and

Things we’re looking for

  • Relevant experience with frameworks like Rails, Sinatra, Django, Angular and/or a degree in Computer Science
  • Aptitude for learning new technologies/languages/platforms/APIs
  • Be a nice person
  • A design aesthetic and caring about how users interact with the things you build
  • Recommendations for public radio shows or podcasts that we might not have heard
  • Opinions you can back up are great. Opinions you want to experimentally verify are even better.

Key Information

  • Job title: Software Engineer
  • Location: Harvard Square – Cambridge, MA
  • Type of Position: Full-time with benefits
  • Start date: Immediately
  • Telecommute: No
  • Apply here:

Chris RhodenWe’re Hiring a Software Developer

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This is a cross-post from the fabulous PRX Blog.

You: Live on planet earth, are human, creative and a motivated developer.
Us: PRX – Public Radio Exchange (; a super cool public media company in Harvard Square.

Job posting: Web/Rails/iPhone/Android/Whatever-comes-next Developer
Location: Harvard Square – Cambridge, MA
Type of Position: Full-time with benefits
Start date: Immediately
Telecommute: No

PRX’s mission is to help diverse voices and audio stories reach and inform the public through our innovative digital platforms, applications and services. We are a small team (12 full-time and another half dozen on contract) with big ambitions (transform public media, save the world) and an amazing network of users, partners, supporters, and collaborators. We are looking to hire an additional developer to help us build our next generation of mobile and web applications.

Required education, experience and skills:

  • We are looking for people who can develop well-designed, shipped and working software. Some combination of education and experience is required, such as an MSCS, prior work experience, internships, GSoC, or personal projects that have seen the light of day and scrutiny of users.
  • Experience with Rails/iPhone/Android development is valued but not essential. Interest in learning these and more is required; we are ready to invest in, teach, and support the right person in gaining necessary skills.
  • Ever write code to make a binary WAV file a byte at a time? Do you know how to make ffmpeg sing? We live and breathe public media; experience with media (audio, images, video) manipulation, encoding, streaming, playing or recording is a plus.

What we expect, and what you can expect:

  • We’ll ask you for your opinion and expect you to have one.
  • You have the ability to pick up new technologies in days and weeks not months and years.
  • We’ll have you create software with the languages and tools that best match the job.
  • You’ll refactor and improve existing applications, and build new ones from scratch.
  • We’ve got great sysadmin support but if you can build packages from source all the better.
  • You’ll be invited to contribute ideas to our operations and strategies as a whole.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and creative person, a developer with a passion for building robust, scalable applications with deceptively simple interfaces, and who is comfortable working in a dynamic environment.

You’ll work closely with a great team of developers and staff on all phases of the development cycle including planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. This position reports to the Technical Director, Andrew Kuklewicz.

What we build:

For our web applications and backing our mobile apps with APIs, we use Ruby on Rails with MySql and JQuery, deploy to passenger on apache, use either (Thinking)Sphinx or Solr for search, and OpenID and OAuth for authentication. We are an early adopter and heavy user of Amazon Web Services, especially S3, EC2, and SQS. We have more than half a dozen Rails apps in production, and expect to create at least a few more this year alone (That’s where you come in).

For mobile development, we build for the iPhone (iPod Touch/iPad) and Android platforms, creating apps used by millions of public media fans. We built and maintain the ‘Public Radio Player’ and ‘This American Life’ iPhone apps (2.5+ million downloads), and have many more in the pipeline (When can you start?).

Work environment:

  • The excitement of an internet startup with a mission that matters, and services our users love.
  • In the heart of Harvard Square; high ceilings, big windows, bright walls and exposed beams, and – of course – a foosball table.
  • Shared office space with Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the fine folks at
  • PRX received the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions – the “genius” award for organizations. You’re a genius too!
  • PRX distributes The Moth, State of the Re:Union, Snap Judgment, Sound Opinions – and just about all the cool stuff in public radio.
  • We run REMIX, our own 24/7 channel on XM 136 , Internet and mobile stream, and on the air in Spokane, WA.
  • There are three accomplished cellists, a Korean rock star, semi-professional photographer, farmer, and a tap dancer on our staff.
  • If you’re into open source, audio, social software, public media, reinventing journalism, or all of the above, you are strongly encouraged to apply.

PRX has a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment, and developers need to be adaptable, flexible and persistent, with the ability to manage multiple tasks and communicate with the team about timelines and development priorities. It requires a person who is able to successfully maintain a complex suite of web applications for high uptime and reliability. The position requires technical and organizational skills, a commitment to the vision and mission of the Public Radio Exchange, and an understanding of its dynamic role as an emerging service in the public media field.

To Apply for this Opportunity
Please fill out this short form and provide your resume here:

  • Job location is Cambridge, MA

PRX is an equal Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Salary based on experience.

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