When PRX worked with KCRW last year to design and develop the Music Mine app for iPad, we knew that there was a reason we spent time and effort building a reusable API -- we just didn't know that we'd be building a Spotify app with it.

Last fall, the popular music-streaming service Spotify announced that they were creating a platform for developers and music-focused companies to create apps that would be available in their desktop music software. Basically it's the ability to have an app inside of an app -- in our case Music Mine inside of Spotify.

KCRW recently reached out to PRX, and within a week, we had conceptualized, designed, built, and delivered a fully functional Music Mine Spotify app to KCRW. We got the word from KCRW late last week that the app had been approved. We're excited to be the first public media app on the Spotify platform and are even more excited to see the analytics and numbers once they are available.

If you use Spotify you can click on this link and it'll install the app for you.

Matt & The PRX Tech Team