I wanted to make a quick plug for a session that I'm organizing at the 2012 Integrated Media Association conference next week. The session is titled: Pledge your support for mobile and it will be both an overview of current pledge/donation practices and also a hands on working session. We'll review existing pledge and donation practices, what works and where people get hung up and then both the session panelists and attendees will attempt to streamline and significantly improve the pledge process for public radio and television stations.

The major themes for the IMA conference this year are:

  1. Motivate attendees to take individual ownership for innovation
  2. Provide the attendees with knowledge that they can take home and use immediately

I'm really excited about our session panelists and facilitators, I've worked with each of them in the past on mobile and tablet projects. Devin Chalmers (KCRW Music Mine iPad, Radiolab iPhone), Dan Saltzman from Effective UI (KCRW Music Mine iPad) and Marine Boudeau from New York Public Radio (WNYC, WQXR, Radiolab iPhone and Android). Each has worked outside of public media and has extensive experience in user centered design and interfaces.

I'm also excited to try out a hybrid session with both a conference panel and then a hands on hackathon approach. My hope is that we all learn some new things, then create something new and all leave with actionable steps. This will be a session where attendees will be encouraged to participate, one where we use our collective strengths to improve a process that is ripe for revamp. If you are attending IMA I'm hoping you can join us.

Our session is on Thursday March 8th starting at 2pm.

I've uploaded my in-progress slides for the session in an attempt to entice people to come checkout our session.